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Student Comments

Sandra Li: Bharatanatyam Dancer


"I began taking Bharatanatyam lessons with Thuva as a means of cross training with other dance styles. I have stuck with this because of the great challenge it offers me as well as the strength & stamina I have acquired from my practices. I feel powerful when dancing with Thuva.

Thuva is a wonderful teacher with a great passion for Bharatanatyam & a seemless way of delivering instruction."

Jun. 18, 2017

Shakti Singh: Bollywood student


 “Thuva Anputhasan has been my instructor for the past 7-8 months. I enjoy bollywood dance and Ms.Thuva has helped me to develop dance techniques, music listening skills and always encourages me to do better. I will definitely recommend anyone wanting to learn Indian classical or bollywood dance to BharatamWin Dance Academy.”

Apr. 11, 2017

Prabhadi Manjaree: Bharatanatyam Student


"My experience at BharatamWin Dance Academy was an extremely positive one. I was able to learn bharatanatyam, both theoretical and practical, at a steady and manageable pace and be prepared for the Bharatanatyam testing. The instructor, Mrs. Thuva Anputhasan was wonderful in teaching me what I needed to learn, with professionalism, kindness, and an intuition for what the student needed in improving the dancing. Overall, it was a great experience, and I am very happy to have been a student at BharatamWin Dance Academy."

Apr. 20, 2016

Shalini Nehruji: Bharatam & Folk Dance Student


  “I began bharatanatyam at the age of 6.  Learning from Ms.Thuva is a pleasure; she taught me a lot about the bharatanatyam and its importance. I have done many competitions and won; I am always there to perform at any event that comes my way. I have done the first and second bharatanatyam grade examinations and received distinction in both and currently working towards to grade-3 examination. I am very proud that I have chosen the path towards dance especially bharatanatyam. Ms Thuva taught me a lot, also to dance for different styles of music. Inspired by her and now I am able to choreograph and teach beginners.  Ms.Thuva is a loving, friendly and a compassionate teacher. I am very appreciative to be taking dance from Ms.Thuva because I really do enjoy each lesson. Thankful for her and my parents to bring me up this far, and allowing me to explore this great form of art.  I never expected that I would receive such respect from my surroundings for being a great bharatanatyam dancer. Taking dance lessons from Ms. Thuva made me a better person, and now I am much more popular and recognized for my talent.  I am honored to say that I am a BharatamWin Dance Academy student.  Thanks.”

Nov. 3, 2013

Michelle Dobrin: Bharatanatyam Student


~~I started learning dance from Thuva through a Bollywood dance class at a local studio. When the class was over, I continued to take private dance lessons with Thuva, and began learning the intricate and complex Bharatanatyam dance steps. Through Thuva's patient and professional instruction (and despite my lack of coordination, and time to practice), I managed to get to a point where we performed a dance together on stage! I had so much fun learning these dances, and if it weren't for a knee injury that has prevented me from doing much physical activity, I'd still be learning and enjoying this. I'll get back to it as soon as I am able to ~~.

Mar. 12, 2017

Chelsea: Bharatanatyam Student


"I tried with few other Indian classical dance teachers prior to start with Ms.Thuva, and she is the best of all; her honesty, dedication and passion to the dance is incomparable to others. 


I also did few performances with her and loved the way she choreographs"

Nov. 23, 2017